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2012 Indiana Candidates & Write - In Candidates

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Current active government contacts list:

Federal Offices

President and Vice-President of the United States
United States Senator
Write-in candidate James L Johnson Junior
Not paid for by James L Johnson Junior for U.S. Senator of Indiana
United States Representative

Statewide Offices

Governor and Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Superintendent of Public Instruction

State Legislative Offices

Indiana State Senator
Indiana State Representative

Judicial Offices & Prosecuting Attorney

Circuit Court Judge
Superior Court Judge
Prosecuting Attorney

County Offices

Circuit Court Clerk
County Auditor
County Recorder
County Treasurer
County Sheriff
County Coroner
County Surveyor
Write-in candidate Heather Lewis
Not paid for by Workers Peace and Love International Committee Limited Liability Company super political action committee for County Surveyor
County Assessor
County Commissioner
County Council Member

Township Offices

Township Board Member Marion County Only

Small Town Offices

Town Council Member

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